AIDEC aims, in accordance with the national regulations and programmes in force, to:

► Contribute to the realization of the right to education as stipulated by international agreements and conventions promulgated by the United Nations;
► Supporting the development and promotion of education in achieving the goals of Education for All (EFA) as defined in the Programme of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for 2015 and beyond;
► Support policies and strategies for innovation and improving the quality of education and training at all levels;
► Promoting through education programmes based on the universal values of peace, freedom, equality, solidarity, tolerance, brotherhood, diversity and living together;
► Encourage programmes of culture for peace and non-violence;
► Develop cooperation, partnership and exchange of experiences at local, regional and international levels North-South and South-South
► Promote specific socio-educational and vocational programmes for young people and women, in particular;
► Strengthen the capacity of teacher training and education personnel;
► Contribute to the improvement of programmes, educational innovations and pedagogical devices including Information Technology and Communication (ICT);
► Provide technical assistance to schools, institutions and countries involved in the above areas.